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July 16, 2011

All Images were deleted!

Hi Readers!

I have a big problem today all my Image in Picasa was accidentally deleted, as you explore my previous blog some images or pictures were gone....I don't have any idea how to return it back, if you know please post message me...


  1. thanks for dropped the comment on my blog dear,
    It looks terrible when you lost all of your pict' right? I felt it too dear, I tried to fix it, but there's no result :(

    make sure you've had follow me dear.
    I can't see you on my followers list.

    I'll follow you back when I see you on the list ;)

  2. you misspell my name dear, It should be Ms. Tjiang not Ms. Ejiang :)
    but it's okay dear.

    thank you for following me.

    wanna follow the twitter too?

  3. but on previous post i can see images. is it back?
    anyway check mine if you have a chance sweety ;)

  4. @Tjiang sorry for that :)
    @Dana thanks for dropping by in my blog

  5. what a nightmare! hope you get it fixed soon :)

  6. I can see that you've already fixed the image problem. That's good! Hope to hear from you again soon, Ms. Glenn. :-)

  7. @ Hi Angela thanks for dropping by I'm still working with it. Two weeks ko na ngang ginagawa ito ang hirap mawalan ng mga images hay! hinanap ko pa kung saan saan yong mga pictures :)