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July 27, 2011

Vanity of July

Hi Readers!

     I know this is late blog post, it is almost last week of July I was really busy for two weeks that's why I haven't blog about this earlier. BTW here's some list of my new vanities for this month (check the images below) :
(L-R)Herbal Evening Primrose Stretchable Mask, Ponds white beauty Natural day cream, Luffaderm 100% Natural Fiber body sponge, Olay Natural white
and Kabuki Brush from Landmark.
Herbal Evening Primrose Stretchable Mask. Intensive Hydrating facial mask.
Contains evening primrose oil Tremella extracts, and Hydralyzed plant protein. With the patented paper mask design, the rich essence can instantly be absorbed by skin to give deep hydration and a soft and supple result. Available in Watson.
Ponds white beauty Natural Day Cream Sachet. Another Ponds product, a light moisturizer  with Camellia Leaf Extract that gently cleanses and exfoliates to revel beautiful and pinkish-white skin. Available in Watson, supermarket and drugstore nationwide.  
Luffaderm 100% Natural Fiber body sponge. Available in Landmark for only P22.75 each.
This Loofah help Maintains body moisture balance, promote softer and smoother skin,  cleanse and conditions skin naturally. 
Olay Natural White in sachet. A healthy fairness bar with vitamin C. Available in all leading supermarket and Landmark. Only P29.75 each.
Kabuki Brush. I really love this brush very smooth. Available in Landmark cosmetic section.  


  1. Waaaah! I want the Kabuki brush. :)

  2. @Hi Jess you can find it in Landmark in cosmetic section very affordable pa P129.75 lang. I like it very much smooth talaga :) buti I found it nga:)