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May 14, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011: The Runway

Hi Readers!

     After sharing to you guys my first post about my Philippine Fashion Week experience now I'll share The Runway. L'Oreal Paris Philippine present the design collection of Lyle Ibañez and Yvonne Quisumbing. 

Lyle Ibañez designs:

     Most of his design in this event were in black color, it was something edgy yet sophisticated. For the gowns he use silk and georgette fabric, he also use soft cotton fabric and cloths made of black, silver and green sequence. For Anne Curtis gown, she wore a red tube gown made of silk and georgette fabric. Anne was really pretty that night, her colored bouncing hair add up to her glow.  Some models wore nude color gowns and green sequence color gowns (one long gown and other mix with silk and translucent fabric).

Yvonne Quisumbing designs:

     Yvonne's designs made of very sheen, light, translucent and silk fabric. Her design were in soft pink, white, black and grey color. For Anne Curtis attire, she wore two piece clothes, for her top a red translucent fabric and a black skirt. I like all the design of Yvonne on her collection, it was glamorous. I like also the design wore by model Marina Benipayo.
Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 Runway
Lyle Ibañez collection
Lyle Ibañez collection
Lyle Ibanez
Actress, host and product endorser of L'Oreal Paris Philippines
Anne Curtis wore Yvonne Quisumbing design
Yvonne Quisumbing Collection, I like the fusia pink gown :)

Yvonne Quisumbing

Sorry for the blur image, in the picture: designer Lyle Ibañez and
Yvonne Quisumbing beside them is model Marina Benipayo
I spotted designer Kate Torralba seated in the front row

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