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June 19, 2015

Show Love this Father’s Day with TAGAI

Hi readers!

   Father’s Day is almost upon us and just like any other year before this one, most of us would be having a hard time choosing the gift that perfectly sums up what we feel for the special dads in our lives.

   If you have no gift ideas as of now, look no further as TAGAI have the unique gift for the motoring daddy who has taken extra care on the road for you and the rest of the family.

   Paris Miki Inc. brings you TAGAI, a harmonious unity between style and safety in one driving eyewear. For the dad who drives on almost a daily basis, the TAGAI Beta Diurnal Lenses eyewear is the perfect way to express your appreciation.

Say “I love you” to one of the most special guys in your life with a pair of specialized driving eyewear
   Crafted using the original Japanese manufacturing method with the fusion technique of polarizing film and lenses, these high-end polarized lenses were created for durability. Not only that, these lenses will make day driving safer and enjoyable because it has the ability to diffuse reflections and glare.

   TAGAI also offers a wide variety of frames to suit your daddy’s driving style to go with his dark grey or gold mirror lenses. The TAGAI Beta collection offers four outdoor frame designs which come in four color combinations: 1) black matte and red, 2) grey and black, 3) red and white and 4) black and black matte.

   There’s no better way of expressing your love to your dad  than ensuring his safety on the road. Give him the perfect Father’s Day gift this year by getting him his own pair of specialized driving eyewear from Tagai.

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from Mr. Manu T. Ofiaza  

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