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November 29, 2013

The Struggles and Triump of Cate Aquino ( a Lesofat Story)

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I always wanted to shed those extra fats on my body, I'm too lazy to exercise and I can't just say no to delicious food or meal. I saw the commercial of Lesofat and even remember the famous word from their commercial "tinatago ang taba" (funny but this is what I do whenever there is a time I don't like a body shot). I don't like hiding my body, I want to have a better confidence I like the inspiring story of Cate Aquino and the help of  Lesofat.

“Every day the fat woman dies a series of small deaths.“

This famous quote has never been more true to millions of those dealing with obesity or extra baggage of fats and cholesterol in their bodies.

But for Cate Aquino, a good-looking lady in her late 20’s, being fat is normal and a lifestyle. She couldn’t care less, as she has always been extra-sized ever since she was a child and she had no complaints, in fact she loved every second of it.

Before and After of Cate Aquino
Before taking the Lesofat she weight 200lbs, now she's at her 129.36lbs.
“I’ve always been fat ever since and I had no complaint, although in most instances, I feel very limited in many ways like wearing the clothes I fancy or do  things most healthy people normally do, for example, walking up and down the stairs with ease. But I have no restraint in eating though,” Cate admits.

Because of her huge physique, she even had the chance to endorse Lesofat, a weight reduction pill, portraying a role of a fat girl shrinking in shame every time somebody wants to take her picture as she tries to hide her fats.

Cate’s turning point is her wedding. “We all want to look good, especially for all women when they finally settle down, and I thought that could be embarrassing so I decided to turn things around and take control of my body,” Cate proudly reveals.

It did not take her too long to decide to shed all the excess weight in her body and at the same time, the stigma that goes with it. Since she was endorsing Lesofat, she thought that there was no better thing to do but to seek the help of the people responsible for Lesofat.

Lesofat did not let her down. Cate was put in a program called “Weight Loss Pwede Challenge” which started September 2012 and lasted for 6 months. 

The result was really overwhelming. After 30 days of taking Lesofat pills thrice a day, Cate lost 10.6 pounds.

This also started a fresh partnership between Cate and Lesofat  and spurs a campaign that would inspire millions of men and women all over the country who go through daily ordeals and shame because of their oversize figures.

Because Cate was nearly 200 pounds, the 10 lbs she shed was not noticeable at all. She set the bar high and challenged herself to lose a total of 40 lbs in just five months.

With the guidance from Lesofat proponents,  regular workout, proper diet, daily use of Lesofat and the will to live healthy, Cate lost a total of 44.4 pounds after grueling five months.

“It was not easy for me because my family loves to eat big all the time, I really needed to take control of my health and my body so I made a bit of sacrifice but in the end, I reap all the benefits,” Cate brags.

So from a chubby girl who hides behind the shadow of a fit and healthy figure, Cate is now the main endorser of Lesofat, a success story that never ceases to catch the nod and admiration of everyone who hears about her.

Cate is now spreading the good news of healthy living and being in good shape with the use of Lesofat.
Lesofat is an anti-obesity drug. Its action is to prevent your body from absorbing some of the fat from the food you eat. When taken 3 times per day with meals, LESOFAT blocks about 1/3 of the fat you eat from being absorbed. Instead, this fat passes through your intestines and is excreted in your stool. When you absorb less fat, you take in fewer calories, which cause weight loss. 

“Lesofat takes out fat from the food you eat. The main component of weight-control pill Lesofat is Orlistat that inhibits enzymes which break down dietary fat molecules,” says Noel ­­Santos. Product Manager of InnoGen Pharma.    

Mr. Noel Santos has just come from retirement after working for more than 20 years in some of the country’s leading pharmaceuticals but when he learned that Innogen was in need of someone to handle Lesofat, he had no doubt to come out of his sabbatical and join the company.        

He believes that Lesofat has the big potential to be the number one weight-reduction drug in the country not only because of its affordability but is also medically advanced in many ways. Lesofat's unique pellet tablet technology is a product of research under its world class manufacturing facility, Lloyd Laboratories. Lloyd Laboratories is a reputed toll manufacturer for some of the well known pharmaceutical companies in the Philippines and abroad.

Orlistat is designed to prevent the body from breaking down and absorbing fat. Approximately 30 percent of the unabsorbed fat passes through the intestines and leaves the body through the feces. As an orlistat, Lesofat is a Gastro intestinal lipase inhibitor. It works by blocking the fats consumed by an individual. About one third of fat is prevented from being absorbed by the body and is flushed down via large intestines.

Hence, with less consumption of fats means fewer calories and with this, it aids in the achievement of an ideal body weight. Lesofat can lower cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. Lesofat can be used by individuals 18 years old and above. It is to be taken 1 capsule three times daily with food or within one hour after the meal. It is highly recommended for those who are overweight and can be bought over the counter.

A study conducted among obese patients done over a two-year period in the US shows that over 65 percent of patients on Orlistat lost more than 15 percent of their body weight on the first year of taking Orlistat three times a day. 

“Lesofat is safe because it is non-systemic. Unlike other diet control drugs that trick our entire body (including the brain) into dieting, Lesofat effect stays only in the gut - where it is only needed. Lesofat passed and was approved by the Bureau of Food and Drugs so it is safe for everyone." Mr. Santos assures the public. (Not recommended for pregnant women, lactating mothers, and persons with liver impairment, pancreatic disease, malabsorption, hypersensitivity to orlistat and reduced gallbladder function.)

LESOFAT 120mg & 60mg in box of 20's  is available in all Mercury Drug Stores, Watsons, South Star and other leading drugstores nationwide. To see more of Lesofat updates and events, check out

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