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September 4, 2012

Saturday at MOA and Tropica Hut

Hi readers!

   Last Saturday was another day of bonding time with my family. We went again at SM Mall of Asia, check the photos below.
MOA's ice skating rink.
Mall of Asia EYE Ferris Wheel plus the cloudy sky :)
My brother and Thor. Palakihan ba ng katawan ang labanan :)
Tropical Hut store inside SM Mall of Asia's food court.
Saturday is a family day, we were not surprised when MOA was so crowded. All the fast food we checked was full, we end up eating at the food court. We decided to order our food at Tropical Hut.   
I ate Tropical Hut Spaghetti (with soda-part of their value meal), Chicken Sandwich with French Fries (combo).  Alam ko iniisip niyo! yes, hindi ako gutom niyan. (^_^)
I love their spaghetti, for me it taste like the Jollibee spaghetti. The chicken sandwich need some improvement.
3 plates of spaghetti? Actually he only ate 1 plate, nage-emote lang yan (^_^)

Thanks for dropping by!!!


  1. hi there! hope u could join my giveaway! heres the link:

  2. I tried to ice skate and i just literally did the one trick i can make.. rise and fall. lol..

    You're so pretty! love your blog!

    Followed you already..

    1. Hi Pretty Little Petite, thanks for the comment :) I follow you too.