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September 28, 2012

Korean Ice Cream

Hi readers!

   First, I was craving for a bola-bola siopao (steamed buns) of 7-eleven, so I dropped by in their store at Makati Executive Tower (beside Cityland-Buendia) just a walking distance from our place. After I bought the siopao :) I saw a Korean store just beside 7-eleven. I saw the sign Korean Ice Cream, I only heard about Korean ice cream from my sister Veron. She told me before that it was addicting and she's always craving for it. So, I went inside the store and an old Korean man greeted me - he's the store owner (he was so friendly and accommodating). I saw varieties of ice cream but I had a hard time knowing what is the name of the ice cream because of the Korean character (writing), so I asked the store owner which one is their best seller and he suggested this ice cream (check the image below). Ice cream price start from 30 to 50 pesos. 

I bought this for P30.00 only.
Front and Back
It was like a pinipig ice cream that we can buy in the local grocery
but this one, it has delicious chocolate inside and for me, this one is much milkier.
It taste delicious :) Actually, I'm craving for this right now while typing this blog (^_^)
I know what to do this weekend, I'll be back to that store and eat more Korean Ice Cream ^_^ 


  1. That ice cream is called Encho! We always eat it here at after work :D I like melona more! aigoo... I'm craving for Melona tuloy! :D

    1. Hi Alice thanks for informing the name of this Ice Cream, I will try Melona too (I also saw that) :)

      Thanks for dropping by :)

  2. I adore Korean ice creams! Its not super sweet but its also very creamy. Awesome post doll!

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    1. Hi PrettylittlePetite thanks for the comment :)

      I'll join your giveaway :)

  3. Hmmm..lot of Korean groceries in RP nowadays, huh? Here in SG, there's quite a number din e. =)

  4. I haven't tried korean ice cream yet.. Can't find where eh.. meron daw sa "Kaya" have you tried it?

    NEw follower here.
    hopw you can follow back:)

    1. No, not yet. There're lot of Korean Store around Manila, hope you spot one :)

      I followed you :)