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April 11, 2012

Blogger's Kit: Garnier Pure Active Pimple Roll On and Facial Scrub

Hi Readers!

   Last week a blogger's kit arrived in front of our door step, what excite me more is the packaging because it came from a white briefcase type (I super love the packaging! check the image below:). I received Garnier Pure Active products: Garnier Pure Active Pimple Roll On and Garnier Pure Active Facial Scrub from GeiserMaclang. I can't wait to try the 2 products, I will write my review after I use it. Here are short information about the Garnier Pure Active:

Garnier Pure Active's breakthrough formula consists of a combination of two powerful acne-fighting ingredients-Purifying Salicylic Acid with proven anti-bacterial properties, and Natural HerbaRepair from blueberry extracts, which helps repair and regenerate the skin to prevent scarring. Clinically tested on acne prone skin, the line works immediately on imperfections and delivers multi-cation benefits from day one.

Garnier Pure Active range in the country consist of two products:

Garnier Pure Active Pimple Roll On - Concentrated with 2%salicylic acid, the new Garnier Pure Active Pimple Roll-On immediately dries pimple and reduce acne spots. The revolutionary metal roller ball immediately helps relieve pimples without having to touch the pimple itself, while its compact size is convenient to carry around your bag.

Garnier Pure Active Facial Scrub - Enriched with powerful anti-bacterial active with repairing properties and microbeads, the new Garnier Pure Active Scrub actively fights the 6 skin problem so you can say adieu to pimples, whiteheads, oiliness, enlarged pores, impurities and unevenness.

I love the packaging :) 
Inside: 1  Garnier Pure Active Pimple Roll, 1 Garnier Pure Active Facial Scrub and 1 Binder 
 Garnier Pure Active Pimple Roll On and Garnier Pure Active Facial Scrub
Thank you very much to Ms. Michelle Simbulan, PR Account Officer of GeiserMaclang Marketing Communication Inc. and Thank's also to Garnier Philippines. (^_^)

Good day to all!


  1. Wow! I love Garnier products especially their BB Eye roll on. I even blogged about it! :) I'm sooooo inggit. :/

    1. Hi Daphne! Thanks for dropping by :) I want to try their BB eye roll on too, I'll read your blog about it later.

  2. I haven't tried these products yet but they look so cool! try ko yan next time! :-)