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March 23, 2012

Magnum Experience

Hi Readers!

   Finally I'm back again :) sorry guys for being MIA (missing in action) for so long. The last time I blog was last Feb. 14, more than 1 month of not blogging. I really missed the blogosphere and I really missed you guys:) anyway I have a valid reason, spell B.U.S.Y ha!ha!ha!. Even I'm busy I still spare some times to read blogs. I'm grateful because my followers are still there waiting for me to come back blogging.
   Although I'm not active on blog, I was active on twitter. If you follow my twitter account you'll notice I'm more on political and current issue. I'm just voicing out what I feel about the present situation or hot issue we had here in the Philippines. I know some of you might think how come this beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger like the topic about political and current issue. I think I'm more vigilant, observant and mature enough to share my sentiment on the current issue. Speaking of twitter, last week this brand was trending on twitter(I know you have an idea); The Magnum Ice Cream. How come this ice cream was so popular? will because of the celebrities who endorsed it. Magnum ambassadors were Raymond Gutierrez (until now his still twitting #Magnum), Liz Uy, Tessa Prieto-Valdes, Rajo Laurel, Solenn Heussaf and her brother Erwan Heussaff (boyfriend of Anne Curtis and Erwan was also a food blogger).
   What is Magnum? Magnum is an ice cream brand owned by the British/Dutch Unilever company, and sold as part of the Heartbrand line of products in most countries. It was originally made by Frisko in Aarhus, Denmark. The original 1987 Magnum (later re branded as Magnum Classic consisted of a thick bar of vanilla ice cream on a stick, covered with white or dark chocolate, with a weight of 86 gram. (according to wikipedia).
   Last Monday, I went to SM Hypermarket and grabbed Magnum Ice Cream (Classic) to experience and share my reviews.

   Price: P 50.00 each
   Flavors: Classic, Almond and Chocolate Truffle.
   Available: Convenience store and supermarket 

   Here's my reviews:

   Magnum Classic is a vanilla flavored ice cream coated with chocolate. It is made with Belgian chocolate.

   What I like:
   1.  I like the vanilla flavor and the coated chocolate. (Im in-love with vanilla flavor ice cream)
   2.  I like the packaging also. (especially the gold label inside the packaging) sosyal ang dating :)
   3.  I don't know if it's just me but the ice cream does not melt easily (I don't know the other terminology for  that :) maybe it is because of the thick coated chocolate.

   What I don't like:
   1. Expensive. I just want to be practical, for a bar of ice cream worth P50.00 for me it is not reasonable.  But I understand that it was coated with special Belgian chocolate. I can almost buy 1 pint size of  ice cream for P50.00 or 2 pinipig crunch (same taste/flavor like as Magnum).

We can feel summer season already and the heat is on. It so hot outside why not take something to cool you down (oops I know after your read this your craving for an ice cream now :)

So my dear readers, what is your favorite ice cream? or have you tried Magnum already?

Good day to all!!!


  1. Naalala ko tuloy yung tivoli. I dont see tivoli anymore. Mas masarap yun.

    Hindi naman sya hindi masarap, right? It's just, they over-hyped it tapos nag-fall short sa expectation.

    1. Wow pareho tayo, that's also my favorite during my younger days :)

      For me the Magnum is similar to the Pinipig crunch (without the pinipig nga lang) yong nakalagay sa yellow packaging. Magaling lang ang marketing ng Magnum :)

  2. Try almond babe, it is much better

    1. thanks for the comment sweethestia :) I'll try that one too :)

  3. I've tried all flavors(Classic, Almond and Truffles) honestly? Its overated~ It tastes really ordinary, nothing worth raving~ My favorite ice cream would still be dirty ice cream~ Its much creamier and has a taste of happiness! (in my case, hehe~)

    1. I agree Janet, I also love dirty Ice Cream we used to buy when we're younger :)Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. hi,my gals love those. we have minis in here, problem is I also ended up eating two...not good for the belly ;)

    1. Hi Mayet I agree its not good for the belly :) Thanks for dropping by :)