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November 26, 2011

Battle of Milk Tea Part 1 (Bubbatealicious, Zagu and Happy Lemon)

Hi readers!

   I love drinking milk tea; this is one of my favorite refreshment. Now a day's there's lot of milk tea available in the market (yes we were invaded with lot of store offering milk tea). Bubble tea is the name for pearl milk tea and other similar tea and juice beverages that originated in tea shops in Taiwan during the 1980's. Bubble teas contain a tea base mixed with fruit or fruit syrup and milk. Ice-blended versions of the drinks usually in fruit flavors. One of the famous categories of bubble tea is "pearl milk tea" it was also known as "boba milk tea" in some parts of America. Pearl milk tea has small chewy balls made of tapioca starch called Pearls. (source)

  Now I'll be sharing to you my reviews for 3 Milk teas (consider this as part 1 because I'll review more Milk tea in the future)

Rate: 5-Excellent 4-Very Satisfactory 3-Satisfactory 2-Need Improvement 1-Poor

Category: Taste, Price, and Store location and service


Choco Milk Tea small size cost P45.00 - Bubbatealicious stall at 168 Mall
Taste (4/5): I ordered Choco Milk Tea although there's the flavor of choco I can still taste the traditional milk tea flavor. It taste good and not too sweet. I only observed that the ice they put in my milk tea melted past (or maybe the service crew put few ice). After half cap I find it not refreshing anymore (so my advice if you really want cold drink/very cold refreshment ha! then ask the crew to put some more ice :).

Price (5/5): They offer lots of variety of milk tea and what I like about Bubbatealicious they offer lower price, compare to other Bubble tea store. I got my Choco Milk tea in small size for P 45.00 only (pocket friendly isn't it? :)

Store Location/Services (4/5) they have many branches like in SM MOA, SM Fairview, Megamall, SM North Edsa and 168 Mall (guys this is the only information I know about their locations, I don't really know if they have other branch around the metro). I bought this milk tea in 168 Mall (Divisoria, Manila) if you ask where exactly in 168 they're located in food court beside Wendy's stall (3rd floor).

Pearl Milk Tea baby size cost P33.00 - Zagu stall in SM Hypermarket Makati
Taste (3.5/5): Cold but tasteless milk tea. Not as good as other milk tea but this one is not too sweet (good for people who like sweet less milk tea). Siguro sa dami ko ng nainom na milk tea alam ko na yong lasa ng pure milk tea hindi masyadong matapang hindi rin masyadong matabang. Matabang siya, pero pwede ng pang tawid uhaw.

Price (5/5): Affordable and they offer different size from Baby size (small), medium and large. The Zagu pearl milk tea I'm holding cost P33.00 only (ganyan ka liit ang baby size)

Store Location/Services (5/5): Because Zagu has many store branches I rate them 5. Very accessible even a small market have Zagu store (yon nga lang I don't know if all store offer pearl milk tea). I bought my Zagu pearl milk tea in Sm Hypermarket-Makati very near to our place plus I like the friendly service of their crew.

Happy Lemon
Milk Tea with black Pearl Sago regular size cost P75.00 - Happy Lemon in Rockwell, Makati
Taste (5/5): I love the taste, real flavor of milk tea. Not too sweet and not too much flavor of tea just right taste. (Very addicting :) as like as my previous review about Happy Lemon this one also made me feel full after consuming 1 tumbler. (nakaka busog :) 

Price (5/5): Affordable. For me Happy Lemon is an alternative of Starbucks plus they offer lots of beverages as lower as P60 pesos. They offer from regular size to large size. 

Store Location/Services (5/5): As I research, so far they have 4 branch here in the Metro 1 in Greenhills, 1 in Rockwell, Eastwood and in Trinoma hope they expand more (hope they also open their branch in Cebu and Davao for all my readers who live there, so they can also experience drinking this milk tea :). I love the service too; good thing Happy Lemon's located in Mall so while waiting for friends you can use the free wifi while you enjoy your favorite milk tea :). 

Guys that's all for now, till my next review of another Milk Tea's in town :)


  1. I dont like Bubbatealicious. It doesnt speak much of the name :( Zagu naman should stick to the pearl shakes instead. Haha :))

    I recommend Zentea's Carnival (Caramel Milk Tea), Serenitea's Okinawa Milk Tea and ChaTime's Taro Milk Tea! :))

  2. Hi Ria :) Yes Zagu should stick to the pearl shakes. Matabang ang Milk Tea nila maybe because they use powder. With Bubbatealicious na disappoint lang din ako kasi when I bought it I want cold drink sana pero mabilis matunaw yong ice nila kaya parang di ko rin na enjoy :(. I also tried ChaTime I'll post it in my next review na lang. Serenitea wala kasing branch na malapit sa amin but I want to try it too same as Zentea I'll look for branch near to us muna
    Thanks for the comment :)

  3. Try gongcha sis... i havent tried happy lemon yet, bt will try it out soon. THanks sis!!!

  4. Hi Sweethesia thanks for the comment :) yah I'll try Gong Cha too I read lot of good review about their milk tea.


  5. Yes sis, try GongCha! :) So far, it's my fave among milk tea brands/stores. Zagu naman, I never really liked kahit with their pearl shakes, they use powder lang kasi.. >.<

    Btw, followed your blog sis.. Hope you can follow mine if you're interested. Thanks!

  6. Hi Sumi thanks for the comment and I start following your blog too :)

  7. oh well I should try the Zagu Milk Tea, nagccrave ako.. xD

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  9. Hi Paul thanks for the comment and thank you for dropping by :)

  10. real brewed milk tea with chewy jellies
    check em out

  11. try also Dakasi,their Bubble milktea and Okinawa Milktea re so goooood! 100php for the large size.

    I also tried couple of Milktea in Infinitea,hhhhhmmmm, I recommend the Salted Cream Milktea and Vanilla Malt Miltea.

    MoonLeaf, I doont know, sometimes i like sometimes no! =( but I their wintermeon milktea is ok with less sugar.

    I also love Gongcha! I prefer their regular miltea than the Grey Milktea.

  12. i like bubbatealicious