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October 30, 2011

Cirque Du Rockwell Halloween Spectacle

 Hi Readers!

   Yesterday my little niece attended the trick or treat program of Rockwell The Cirque Du Rockwell Halloween Spectaclemy brother and I joined her. Kids were in their costumes my little niece was wearing Eggplant Fairy (oh she so! :). First we registered her, then we waited for the activities to start. Kids divided to group Venice belongs to Unicycle Team. Then by 10:45 we march around Rockwell. Every building we went to there are activities awaited for the children like Pass the Hoops, Catch the Fish and more. After the activities, the last destination was in Rockwell Tent. There's lot of activities inside too like coloring, there's also food stalls, and circus program.  

My Little Niece in her Fairy Eggplant Costume
Registration Area
Rockwell Event Marshall. We have the same bag :)
Souvenir Bag
Host. I like her Outfit :)
Pretty Girl in her Wonder Woman costume 
Crowded...lots of excited adults and kids in costumes
Giraffe Mascot. Start of the march, heading to first activity. 
Scared? Bakit ayaw niyang lumapit sa akin?natakot?
Inside Rockwell Tent. 
Circus. I enjoyed this:) All I can say is Ahhh!!!! 
She love the show :) see how she pays attention to the program.

More Photos here:

Good day to all!!! Hope you enjoy :)


  1. she is so adorable! I wish I was able to bring my niece and nephew there! ^^, great post! :)