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September 28, 2011

Pedring Aftermath

 Hi Readers!

     Hows your day? Its raining cat and dog yesterday, I just stayed home and slept half of the day (love the cold atmosphere) but I felt sad after hearing the storm cause lot of damage especially near the coastal area. The same month last year where we also experience bad weather or strong storm as I remember this also the same month that we experience Milenyo and Ondoy (Milenyo was a strong storm that carry heavy rains and strong wind but Ondoy was the worst storm I witness so far, because our house has been damage because of high flood). 

Mall of Asia (South Wing)
Photo from source
The Sofitel Hotel (nasaan na yong pool? tubig dagat na lahat)
Photo from source
Spiral of Sofitel Hotel (napasokan na rin ng tubig)
Photo from source
Baywalk near Rajah Sulayman Park 
Bricks washed away by the strong waves from Manila Bay now cluttered in the sidewalks
(Parang tinanggal lang ng mga tao ang flooring)
Photo from source
Manila Bay
The Government will spend more money again for rehabilitation for a damage such like this
Photo from source
Flood over Obando, Bulacan
Photo from Rhic Cruz :)


  1. Grabe pala talaga damage sa may Manila Bay area.. I just heard from my friends na flooded ang areas but I haven't seen the photos before you posted them here.

  2. Oo grabe nga e, buti na lang dito sa Area namin Strong Wind and heavy rain lang naramdaman, wala namang flood

  3. Oh my, glad that the rain has stopped na rin. Thanks for sharing these photos Glenn, this serves as a reminder that natures powers can inflict such a large scale of destruction and we should try in our own small way to help on climate change issues. Cheers and hope you have a great week! - Mar
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  4. oh kawawa naman yung baywalk, it's so ironic how pedring came the same month as Ondoy... gave me creeps because our house was also damaged by its aftermath. I thanked God that no one got harm in my family, but still praying for the whole country.

  5. Hi Mar, thanks for the comment. Yes your right I think this is the time we must do something to avoid or minimize a disastrous moment. Yes we can not control the climate but we can help by saving trees, or just as a small action of not throwing garbage anywhere. Ako nga I want to join a group who have program in planting trees para maka pag contribute lang sa nature.

    Hi Rose thanks for the comment dear :) Siguro talagang for our country September is the Storm Month according to my mom dati hindi daw ganoon June and December is raining month siguro nga dahil sa climate change. I'm happy your family was safe I'm also praying for the whole country. As I saw the news on TV. my heart really felt sad to what happen. Maybe for us whose here in the metro we didn't feel the harm cause Pedring but in other place of this country Pedring leaves bad damages. Now the Government have to spend more budget for reconstruction of all damages.