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September 9, 2011

Review: Kokuryu Creamy PAT in Misty Peach shade

Hi Readers!

     One time while walking in the mall I saw this foundation in the cosmetic section of Landmark, Makati the Kokuryu Creamy PAT. I already heard about Kokuryu products like lotion and astringent brand (even my mother told me once when they where young they used this product) but I was surprise when I saw they also have cosmetic or make-up line. First, I was hesitate to get one of their foundation because I don't know what or where it was made. I thought it was the same as other unknown cosmetic that were made in China but when I read the label it was under license in Kokuryu-Do Co Ltd, Tokyo, Japan but manufactured here in the Philippines. I grabbed this foundation for my blog reviews and after using this product I'm satisfied, it just like I'm using my regular foundation.
Kokuryu Creamy PAT
Cream Powder plus Foundation
What the packaging says:
     It is a cream powder and foundation in one. Used to complete your make-up and give your face that satin smooth finish. Ideal for re-touching make-up.

1. Clean face thoroughly  
2. Condition skin with soft lotion (for nomal and dry skin) or Ash Lotion (for Oily skin)
3. Apply base cream
4. Apply cake or cream foundation.
5. Lightly dub on Kokuryu Creamy PAT using the shade suited to your skin tone.

For color guidelines:     
Light Skin:    1. Bare Bisque     2. Earthy Beige
Sallow Skin:  1. Blushing Pink  2. Peach Brandy
Dark Skin:     1. Misty Peach    2. Sun Tan

Pro(s) - what I like:
  • One thing I've noticed, after I used the product my face became smooth and like a satin finish look.
  • It doesn't look powdery, flakey or cakey.
  • I notice this is light compare to other foundation that was too heavy. Heavy foundation can cause clogs. Clogs can cause pimples and whiteheads.
  • Pocket friendly it only cost P112.75 pesos
  • I like the black packaging it reminds me of Chanel Foundation. I also like how the sponge separate to the foundation (check the image below)
  • I like the scent. Maybe for some they hate the wild scent but it's still depend on how your nose reacts to the scent.
  • With manufacturing date at the back of packaging.

The top is the white transparent separator which where to put sponge,
while below is the foundation 
Con(s) - what I don't like
  • I don't like the sponge. I felt a little harsh when using this so my tip use powder or kabuki brush instead.
  • Easily fades. As the packaging says this is Ideal for re-touching make-up. Every now and then you have to check if the foundation fades already. 
  • For staying power or lasting power, you need to apply first the base cream or a cream foundation. You can apply this foundation alone but the result is low to medium coverage. 

Final Conclusion:

     I don't experienced any break-out while using this product plus it gave me a satin smooth finished look I definitely recommend this product. 
Using Kokuryu Creamy PAT in Misty Peach Shade
Kokuryu is available in Landmark, SM Department Store, and MarketMarket.


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  1. I think I’m going to like the foundation because it is compact and it has smooth matte finish.
    ~Pauline @Kallony