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July 6, 2011

Forever21 plus Random Things

 Hi Readers!

     Back to blogging again :) Hi July! its mid year,  the day was really past one day you wake up its the BER month again (I'm referring to September, October, November and X-mass month December). For now let's enjoy July, lots of mall today offer Mid Year sale (don't you love that???) Last Monday my family went to Ayala, Makati. Our first stop SM Makati, the first store we visited of course my favorite FOREVER 21 (which is located in ground level of SM Makati, they have one entrance door near the taxi stop, one in front of escalator or near Watson and one in the right side near the grocery) And I fell in love again but this time with the shoe lines. Check image below what I like in Forever21:

I love the floral oxford shoe (best to wear with short :)
I really love this lace snickers (parang converse pero lace yong design niya)
I'll include this to my wishlist. I want this sana may mag-regalo sa akin size 7 po! ha!ha!ha
Violet sequined bag. It cost P500 plus (part of the sale I forgot the original price)
     After Forever21 we went to SM Homeworld section we bought 2 storage box one for me and one for my brother. I have so many clothes that I don't often use so I must segregate them to add up more space in my room. We also went to Shoe section of SM Department store, I love the Parisian Shoes I love their shoe design. Some heel shoes of Parsian cost around P1,000 plus the design look like the same as branded shoes.

    After SM we also went to Landmark (the old Glorietta was still under renovation only few store was left some store move to Glorietta 5 a separate building near Rustan (what I hate was there's no bridge connection in getting there, ayoko sa lahat ng tumatawid). At the Landmark we also went straight to 3rd floor in the Home Section. I bought a pink plastic water bottle made by familia. I want "drinking of water" as a habbit for healthy benefits. After the shopping we ate at KFC in food court Landmark. Heres some new random things:

Pink plastic water bottle. Original price P149.00 pesos discounted with
10% (sale) now cost P139.00 pesos (Landmark). Maganda ang top handle
pero may amoy plastic pa rin.  Made from Eastman Tritan copolyester.
According to the packaging....
76 Litter Storage Box from Mega Ware cost P475.00 available in SM Makati
New Flipflop. Havaianas Logo Metalic Silver. Flip-flop plus water bottle equals walking. (kailangan ng maglakad-lakad para ma-exercise)
So Readers, check malls MID YEAR sale...Good day!


  1. I saw that violet sequined bag last Monday when I went to F21. But you know, F21 Megamall's items are much okay compared to F21 Makati. I dont know if its just me, but I love Megamall better :)

  2. I like both F21 Makati and Megamall but I think Makati was much bigger than in Megamall. But I don't like the Make-up section of F21 Makati very cluttered.

  3. Good thing F21 will be opening soon in Abreeza (Davao's newest mall). :-)

  4. Wow that's good, now you can shop in F21. A piece of advice save money now :b I'm sure you gonna love their clothes, shoes and everything :)

  5. violet sequined bag... you might have inadvertently typed sequence... nice and interesting blog, though...

  6. Hi Leng Thanks for correcting me :) thats my waterloo I exchange word sometimes :) Thank you for dropping by to my blog and thanks for following also :)

  7. Love the shoes!♥ I am your new follower!

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    I'll be holding an electronic raffle for my followers with 2pc bikinis as giveaways! :) See you on my blog! ;)