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July 9, 2011

First Week of July Two Thousand Eleven

Hi Readers!

       Last Monday (July 04)  my family went to Ayala just read my previous blog about it or click here. I forgot to mention in that blog that I was little disappointed because my favorite hello kitty ring lost one blue stone which was part of flower petal check the image below...

     I visited my doctor last Thursday( July 07) because this past few day's I experienced weird things in my tummy again but before that while preparing and do my make-up I used my newly purchased eyelash curler which I bought in Watson. It was ordinary eyelash curler but comes with light blue handle . I like the color,  the extraordinary handle and its affordable it cost less than P50.00 pesos that's why I picked it up. So while pressing the eyelash curler handle (lower corner of the eyelash curler check image below) I was accidentally pressed it hard then my hand almost dropped the eyelash curler and it pulled out almost 50% of my eye lashes :( whaah and ouch!!! check the image below...
       The lesson I learned was first use the eyelash curler with good handle the one where you can put your point finger and the thumb in the hole so that you can control your hand (check the image below). Second test the product first before you buy it. Third invest in a best eyelash curler, research which brands were in the list of good eyelash curler. Actually guys I have the same eyelash curler like the image below, I only use that eyelash above because I just tested it but I was really disappointed with the result :( 

Image from the Source
Other Story: 
     For this week I experienced mixed emotions. Sometimes happy, sometimes exited but most of the time SENTI mode (short for Sentimental - prompted by feelings of tenderness, sadness, or nostalgia). I will leave a quote I got from twitter which reflected about me...

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