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July 14, 2011

Blog Awards 2011

Hi Readers!

     I received not only one  blog award but three different awards (yehey!!!). I felt overwhelmed, happy, excited and very thankful because those award means someone appreciated my blogs. The first 2 awards I received was from Jess Roque of Make Up Love (last June) The Stylish Blogger Award and The Butterfly Award. 

     The Rule of Stylish Blogger Award: To accept this award, you have to post 7 facts about yourself and then, pass it on to 7 bloggers.

     The Butterfly AwardMention and link it back to the person who passed this to you, write about yourself and pass on to 7 bloggers. 

     The third award I received was from Katrina Angela of Mystic Nymph the One Lovely Blog Award. I also love Angela's blog so I will resend or re-award this back to her she really deserve this award "One Lovely Blog Award and also the 2 awards above :) Rules of One Lovely Award were the same as the award rules of butterfly award except it must be pass to 15 blogger.  

     I combined all the award in just one blog post since they have the same rules. Thank you very much to Jess Roque and Katrina Angela for the awards. 

7 facts about me:
  1. I'm impulsive shopper. 
  2. I'm chubby.
  3. I believed that my pointed nose is my best physical asset (-_;) because lots of people told me they like my nose or I looked like from middle east or from western Asia
  4. I always read books at night (before I go to sleep) while lying in bed, might be one reason why I wore high graded eye glasses now :(
  5. I collected things like bag's, magazine's, earring's, make-up, physical and fitness books, and accessories.
  6. I love Art. Painting, Sculpture, Music, Theater, Digital Art, and anything related to Arts.
  7. My biggest dream is to visit Paris, France :)

I'm passing Stylish Blogger Award, Butterfly Award and One Lovely Blog Award to: 

3. Ria Hazel of  Sugar Smile
4. Katrina Angela of Mystic Nymph (Stylish Blogger and Butterfly Award)
7. Britney of Princess Paradise
8.  Jess of Make Up Love (One Lovely Blog Award)
9. Daphne of I Glow In The Dark  (One Lovely Blog Award)
10. Tessa of Fashion Facile  (One Lovely Blog Award)
11. Kat of Misskatv  (One Lovely Blog Award)
12 Nikki of Ask me what  (One Lovely Blog Award)
13. Dennis of Denise Katipunera   (One Lovely Blog Award)
14. Say of Je m'appelle Say  (One Lovely Blog Award)
15. Jenni of Jenni Epperson (One Lovely Blog Award)

Thank you very much!!!!


  1. Wow, you got three awards in just one day! That's just amazing. Thank you for the two awards Ms. Glenn. It really made me happy today! :-)

  2. Thank you! I am touched to be part of your list! :) It's cool that you get to read at night, I always resort to reading ONLINE stuff which is actually diff talaga pag books--iba padin! :) Anyway, thanks again!!!

  3. Congrats!!! You deserve all 3 awards!!!

    And thank you for sharing an award with me. I'm so touched! Keep up the good work and post more cool stuff!!! :)

  4. @ Angela Hi again:) thanks sa award. Medyo nakaka- feeling proud talaga:)

    @ Anagon you deserved those awards Stylish Blogger Award for being fashionista, Butterfly Award for the coolest blog I read and the One Lovely Blog Award. I also love reading things thru online but yes your right books still different and good to read.

    @Daphne Thank you very much Daphne. I also love your blog and very cute and unique title too "I Glow in the Dark"

  5. thank you for sharing this award with me sweetie! wow you got 3 awards in one day cool! :)

    Much Love!

  6. Thanks dear for sharing this award to me!! I appreciate it very much!! :)

  7. @Alice and Dara Welcome you deserved those awards