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June 10, 2011

FOTD: E.L.F. Regular and Waterproof Mascara Duo

Hi Readers!

     It's been long time since I posted my last FOTD I think it was more than 1 month now. Today my FOTD or features of the day is E.L.F Regular and Waterproof Mascara Duo.

PRO(s): What I like about the product
1. I love how the both type of mascara lengthens my lashes
2. For 2 types of mascara (regular and waterproof) this product is very affordable for P129.75 pesos.
3. I didn't feel or experience any eye irritations.
4. The size is very handy. It fits to any make-up purse.
5. The packaging says: no animal testing meaning no animal use or harm in experimenting this product. I added 1 very good point for that :)
6. It can easily remove with soap and water.

CON(s):  What I don't like
1. need re-application 
2. smudging (the brush is too large- this cause some mascara application dirty)
3. clumps and flaking

Will I purchased this again?

     Yes. The black color enhance or defines my lashes. It is also help my lashes look volumized. For two type of mascara its is very affordable and it meet my expectations. This is best for travelling because it was very handy at 2.5 ml it fit to any make-up purse. Best for everyday use make-up for the office (while working) or a casual day out.


  1. Good thing there are only a little cons for the product. You look good on it, Ms. Glenn. :-)

  2. Hi Mikimoto Angel :) Thanks you. This ELF Mascara Duo is really nice.