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June 6, 2011

Diet Day Diary: Day 1 and 2

Hi Readers!

     Its now time to share my diet day 1 and 2. For the first day of my diet diary which is June 01, I started my Brunch with 1/2 cup rice and I just added fish soup (as in no added fish or meat just plain soup) plus 1 glass of water. In the afternoon snack, I ate Skyflakes cracker (3 cracker in 1 pack) and a glass of water. If ever I feel hungry I just drink water. For dinner my brother bought the food but all were oily food like fried rice, fried chicken plus sunny side up egg. Then midnight snack (I felt hungry again..oh no!) I ate 1/2 cup of oatmeal. I tried to avoid pastries, soda, processed food like instant noodles, canned goods, pizza, any white bread, fats from pork, chocolate or any food with sweetener. I always check calorie count website and log the food intake I consume. According to the calorie count I consume 1,291 calories. 
     June 02 my mind really focus in losing weight I decided not to eat rice. For my brunch I only ate Igado or a bowl of pork and liver with potato, carrots and sauce plus I ate 1 medium banana. For the afternoon snack I ate 1 pack of dragon seed or squash salted seed. Then at dinner I ate 1/2 cup of oatmeal plus 2 soft boiled eggs (this time I am really hungry). The whole day I take 4 glass of water. My calorie meter for that day is 915 calories. It was really hard to remove a food that I usually eat, like the Rice. Filipino's number one food in their table is Rice. I read so many articles that says unhealthy side of eating rice, yes it is carbohydrates that adds up energy but it is also like sugar. I admitted I can not totally remove this to my meal but I will try to minimize consuming it. I read so many successful story of their weight loss by not eating rice. 
     Take note of this, if you are also dieting and remove some food you usually eat you might also experience change of mood or became uncomfortable with hunger. Just keep yourself being busy or double your activities, think of what is your primary objective why are you determine to loss those excess weight. For those 2 days my activities were simple chores plus walking.   

So my dear readers its your time to share now...What food you can not remove to your meal?

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