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May 27, 2011

DIY: Personalized Shoe Box

Hi Readers!

     This is my very first post of DIY (Do-it-Yourself) project. Just like me I know lots of you ladies love collecting shoes, but where do you kept your shoes? Are you also tired of looking those shoes filled in ordinary shoe box? Or you want transparent shoe box but they are so expensive and you don't want to waste money for that.  What I'am gonna share to you now is my artwork in making personalized shoe box (I know your gonna love this idea just follow the instructions)
1. Double sided tape 2. Scissor 3.  Transparency OHP Film (Ascetate)
4. Black Cartolina (shine paper)  5. Gift wrap 6. Old Shoe Box
     You can buy Transparency OHP Film or Ascetate in National Bookstore it is cost around 40+ plus, and your choice of the gift wrap but I suggested to pick gift wrap with black color so that it will emphasize the black cartolina for the top cover. I also bought the black cartolina in National book store which is cost around P10.00 pesos each while the gift wrap cost P29.75 pesos. ). 
1.  First measure the side of the box 1/2 inch x 1/2 inch (or your choice, it still depend on the size of your shoe box in this project I use old shoe box that can fit 7 inches shoes)
2. Cut the middle (the rectangular shape)  just check the image above 3. Cover the shoe box body with the gift wrap 4. after wrapping.
5. Cut the ascetate or OHP Film into rectangular shape (make sure it will fit the internal side of the box) 6. Use double sided tape when putting the OHP Film (this is the best materials to use) 7. After putting the OHP Film now you can easily see what shoes filled inside 8. Then cover the top with black cartolina.

Heres the finished product of personalized shoe box.
 Now you have organize shoe files, less cluttered look, affordable and choice of your own style personalized shoe box .


  1. What a great idea! Very creative. I might try this one out soon. :-)