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April 6, 2011

How Fake Products affect our Economy

Hi Readers!

     I saw this video in one of my friends FB (Facebook), Fake products affect our economy this is really a big issue specially in our country. 
     Tiannge is one of the destinations of  a thrifty buyer, there were some products that were handmade or homemade but there was also some Fake brands. Most of fake brands that we can see in tiannge were sunglasses, bags, shoes, clothes and now even contact lenses and medicine. Now a days, it can also seen or bought On-line. According to expert buying FAKE products really affect our economy and employment status of the country (just check the video for wider explanation about this. )
     The National Government can act on this issue by imposing higher punishment to any one who make fake products or importer of the goods. The lawmaker must discuss more Laws on Intellectual property right, copyright and importation. Local government should check those business establishment whose selling those goods and stop issuing business license/permit to those who make or sell Fake products.  

Credits to:
1. State of the Nation of GMANewsTV 11
2. Reporters: Mr. Jiggy Manicad and Ms. Jessica Soho
3. You Tube Channel


  1. there are so many fake products in greenhills. i know they only want to earn but i do hope they just sell other things (nonbranded if possible).

  2. yes I also saw them. Some even call other Fake product with Class leveling like Class A or 7A which I don't know the different it still FAKE! I hope some entrepreneur can create Handmade product or own design label rather than copying..

  3. Hi glenn. I love this entry. Would like to repost this video on my blog... I'll be returning a link for you ^__^

  4. Hi Tessa! Thank you for reading my blog and also thank you for re-blogging this issue and thank you for linking Gencified in your blogpost.
    I like your blogsite "Fashion Facile" I'll join your site keep blogging and feel free to drop by and comment to my blog.