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March 24, 2011

Nail Art tools and Stationeries from 168 Mall

Hi Readers!

     I went to 168 Mall in Divisoria (Binondo, Manila) last Saturday (March 19, 2011). I bought nail art tools and some special stationeries. I read so many blogs about the nail art tools like dotting tools, stamping nail arts and some nail art sticker, and thats why I decided to purchase my own tools too. One of the blogger told in her blog that she saw much cheaper in 168 Mall than buying on-line which cost triple of the price, and she was right. I bought nail art tools in much affordable price (just being practical!) picture below are nail art tools I bought:

Nail Art tools
Stamping Nail Art. It only cost P150.00 each
( I can't wait to use this) I will start my nail art soon..
Dotting tools. This is only cost P60.00 pesos. Dotting tool can be use in creating flowers, designing dot 
If you don't have long nail then use nail tips, Nail Tips cost 25.00 
and the nail glue cost 45.00
    I also bought some special stationeries. I love collecting special papers if you read my previous blog, you can see some example items I bought like journals, special papers and more.

Stationeries: Left maroon London Book style with envelope organizer and Sticky note.
London Book style with envelope organizer and note pad. This cost P60.00 pesos only
Sticky Note


  1. hi, where exctly in 168 did you buy those tools?thanks

  2. Hi Maly, as I remember I bought this at 3rd level of 168 mall. I also suggest you drop by in Landmark, Makati (in cosmetic section) they also sell nail art tool same as price in 168 mall

  3. hello, it`s me again. QUestion about the stamping kit, is it easy to use? can I use any polish? thanks

  4. Hi Mally thanks for dropping by
    It is easy to use? Yes
    Can I use any polish? No theres a special polish for this stamping kit. You can find one in Landmark, Makati in cosmetic section cost around P49.75 and up.

    For more info about this stamping nail art you can look for the tutorial in You Tube.

  5. Hi again Mally what is your blogsite?

  6. do they also sell nail art brushes? and do you know where i can buy a nail polish thinner? thank you so much

  7. i really love the stationaries you've bought! it's the perfect gift for my sister

  8. Hi Anonymous 1- 168 also sell nail art brushes same as in Landmark, Makati. I think they sell nail polish thinner too. Thank you also for dropping by :)

    Hi Anonymous 2 - thanks for the comment, yes that also nice gift for someone especially for people who love stationary :)

    Thanks for the comment hope you drop by again :)

  9. Hi, where did you purchase the sticky note?

  10. Hi Anonymous! Do you live here in the Philippines? If yes, I bought this in 168 Mall in Divisoria, Manila but I also same sticky note at Landmark, Makati (check stationery section, ground flr.)

    Thanks for dropping by :)

  11. Do they also sell nail art decals and stickers? :) Thanks!

  12. i also love going to 168 mall to buy clothes .

  13. what floor in 168

  14. is nail art tape available also in 168? thanks.

  15. do you think their store is still in 168 at Divisoria?

    1. I haven't visiting 168 since last November 2015, I'm not sure if the store is still there. Thank you for visiting Gencified