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March 18, 2011

My New Hair cut

Hi Readers!

     This is late blog post but I just want to share my new haircut to you my dear readers. I notice my hair was too long, it almost reach my butt and I have a hard time maintaining it.I always run out of a bottle of shampoo and conditioner (I can consume 1 bottle of shampoo in 1 week). My last visit to my favorite salon was last May 2010, so last monday I went to my favorite hairdresser Gigi of Basic Exxence here in Makati. I asked her to trim my hair up to 6 inches long and a side bangs (just check the picture below). 
     Gigi was my hair dresser since college day (I have this in mind that if other people cut my hair I don't feel fulfilled or "feeling ko hindi ako maganda sa gupit" (I feel not beautiful with the cut)ha!ha!ha!. Gigi was a good hair dresser that's why lot of her customer keep on coming back. The Basic Exxence Salon also offer cheaper price in haircut, they also have services like rebonding that price start at 2,000 pesos (depend on the length of hair), hair color and other salon services. 

So Readers, When was the last time you visit your favorite salon?

Basic Exxence Salon 
Located at Emilia Building, Batangas Street,
San Isidro, Makati City

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