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March 6, 2011

Mara Clara Fever!

Hi Readers!

     Do you watch Telenovela? After watching news at night my mom is tune in and watch telenovela ( I don't have any choice but to watch too, or else if I switch with other channel that's the start of little argument! dah!) My mom love to watch this little mermaid girl  then followed with Mara Clara (a remake of t.v. drama of 90's which is originally played by Filipina actresses like Judy Ann Santos and Gladys Reyes) Mara Clara today was played by young actress Kathryn Bernardo (played Mara character) and Julia Montes (played Clara character). This telenovela was sure hits (since before its first shown in 90's that really lasted for years,  until now 2011 many audience followed the sequences of the story) . 

     "Alvira and Gary are a couple, but she breaks up with him, for a scholarship to America. Gary becomes heartbroken, and falls in love with Alvira's poor friend, Susan, in the thought that she may not return, but it was short lived. Upon Alvira's arrival after years of studying abroad, all his feelings for her came back and he sought to win her back, but was heartbroken to find out she's engaged to a wealthy businessman, Amante Del Valle. He became drunk with anger and impregnated Susan on a one-night stand. Lupe, Gary's mother, blamed Susan for everything, insisting she seduced him from getting back with Alvira. Alvira and Amante got married, with Gary's anger turning to total obsession for Alvira. Months passed, Susan and Alvira gave birth on the same date and hospital. Gary planned his revenge, and commands Karlo to kidnap Alvira's baby. He rejected at first, but a debt owed made him do otherwise. He became afraid when Gary was caught by the police and sent to jail, accidentally switching Alvira's baby and Susan's baby. Susan's daughter, was brought up to the Del Valles and named Clara and Alvira's baby, brought to the Davids was named Mara."

Mara Clara fever! A little girl is immersed in a remake of 
"Mara Clara" and sobs when she thinks that Mara has died.

And this is my little craziness, I took picture of my self to be look-a-like of 
Mara and Clara and post this to my Facebook account. ha!ha!ha!

Straight Hair Mara look, curly hair Clara look

Credits to the following:
Wikipedia (information about Mara Clara Story
Wikipedia for Picture poster of Mara Clara
You Tube happyyna19 account for the video for Albie Casino picture


  1. LOL at mara clara look-a-like! :) galing! :)
    thanks for dropping by my blog. :)
    hope to see you there more often.

  2. Hi the greenhairclip I also also love reading your blog. Thanks also for dropping by :)