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March 28, 2011

Chillin' Chillz

Hi Readers!

  The heat is on! We can now feel the summer, some maybe planning for an out-of-town vacation or maybe for other is an outdoor activities. And when we say summer or hot days, what come's to our mind is cold drinks or refreshment. So for the month of April to May some of my blogs discuss about kind of refreshment, beverage, shake, ice cream , yogurt or anything that will satisfied our thirst and craving for cold food or drinks.   

  It's already end of March, so now I'll post the first product for refreshment the Chillz from Mini Stop. Chillz is a non-carbonated shake (unlike the other cold drinks which made up of soda) The refreshing drink makes for a better alternative to carbonated sodas that can have harmful effects when taken excessively. The thirst-quenching shake comes in delicious flavors everyone will love Coffee Bliss captures, Melon Lush and Strawberry Banana flavor (just check Mini Stop store near you for the available flavors). 

In 16 oz Strawberry Banana flavor Chillz

     What I like about this refreshment : This is very affordable. Chillz available in 12oz (cost P25.00) and 16oz (cost P35.00). I choose Chillz in strawberry banana flavor, yes it taste like the combination of the 2 fruits the strawberry and banana flavor. 

     What I don't like was when the ice melt, drinks dilute and loses the flavor. (flavor change to more of watery taste).

Readers, what is your favorite Chillz flavor? 

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