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February 22, 2011

Luneta Hotel Renovation

Hi Readers!

     I was browsing in the net until I read about the renovation of the old abandoned building of Luneta Hotel which is located in the heart of Ermita, Manila. It was my college time when I first saw this old abandoned building (my school was near in this place and this is also just beside the national park- Luneta Park) I like the exterior design which is look like a building from Europe, very classic type. The Good news it is under construction right now at least it will open soon after long year.

I hope not only the Luneta Hotel will be reconstructed, hope the other abandoned building in Manila will also Re-open so that it will not just look like a hunted building..

Authors Note:
Credit to Chuvaness. com for sharing this info..

1 comment:

  1. The renovation will surely get this building back on track. It will help the establishment get noticed and reclaim its glory days.