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February 26, 2011

FOTD: Abbygail Lash Adhesive from HBC

Hi Readers!

     This is for ladies out there...I have 4 set of False Lashes, I used them so many times. After so many times of use some of them do not stick anymore to my eyelid so I looked for lash adhesive. I went to the nearest mall and I found one in HBC shop. And now I end up to do this as my features of the day (FOTD). Heres my HBC product: Abbygail Lash Adhesive (waterproof surgical) reviews: 

Pro's (What I like)
1. Cheap. It only cost P60.00 pesos or $1.37 dollar, some lash adhesive price range was 100 pesos and above.

Con's (What I don't like)
1. It does not stick the false lashes. The product says it is adhesive but after I open the tube, what comes out was same as a glue texture. I follow the packaging instruction to let it dry first but after so many attempt I was disappointed because my false lashes did not bond in my eyelid.   
2. Messy. I attempt so many times just to have a result but I end up messy. As I said its like a glue. 

Will I purchased this again:

No, I will look for another brand even if it's expensive at least I will get good result. For this product I feel like I end up buying ordinary glue (like an Elmers Glue) in a tube that cost me too much!


  1. aww shucks! too bad your money just went to waste :(

  2. oo nga eh pero its okey buti na lang less than 100 lang siya. Thanks for the comment Hazel

  3. I'm planning to get this but now I'm having second thoughts... thanks for the review. =)
    Btw in this review, she says it is okay. maybe you got a bad stock...

  4. @ Maly hi thanks for dropping by in my blog :)
    Yes the adhesive don't work for me sayang nga. I don't know how she do it (syry-online) but for me after of many attempts the adhesive don't stick to my false eyelash. I'll try nga The Faceshop adhesive if this will work maybe soon I also read good comment about that.

    Thanks Maly