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December 12, 2010

FOTD: Shawill 6 Color Creme Eyeshadow and Eyeliner Pencil

Hi readers!

   I have 2 features of the day, the Shawill 6 color creme eyeshadow and Shawill Eyeliner Pencil. I'm looking for an eye makeup that  will enhance my eyes or to create a smoky look. I like the look of Kim Kardashian, so one day  I headed to the nearest supermarket and grab this eyeshadow

Shawill 6 color cream eyeshadow and Shawill eyeliner pencil in no.002 color (brown)
Shawill 6 color cream eyeshadow. It is glimmer eyeshadow. High pigmented color. No.1 white glimmer eyeshadow, No.2 Silver, No.3 Kohl, No.4 Copper, No.5 Gold and  No. 6 Bronze
Here's my Swatches
Eyeliner pencil with brush and Eyeshadow with small mirror 

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  1. why not the 12 color one?? you may want to check out my review here ^_^

  2. wow, the shades were really pretty! it looks pigmented too! I haven't tried any shawill product but this seems a nice palette! I am also insearch of a nice and affordable eyeshadow palette and this suits my needs! Thanks for sharing! ^_~