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May 27, 2010

Writing My First Blog

Hi readers!

   Welcome to my blog!!! Or should I say welcome to my world!, I'm very happy I created my blog here on Blogspot. My blog title Gencified came from the combination of my name. Genci means G for Glenn (which is my name) and Enci- for Encinares which has my surname and the word fied come from the word Classified which means a different thing. So, the combination of Gencified means a mixture of things I personally like. 

What to expect on Gencified:

Beauty: I love sharing product reviews with my friends since I have this blog, I'll be posting Makeup and Product reviews and other beauty related topics.

Fashion: You can expect runway story, news about designers, fashion week post, latest trends, fashion event announcement, my personal choice of style, fashion  observation and more.

Lifestyle: Events, announcement, food discoveries, travel and photography and I'll be posting Currents Issues too (I'll do this but I can't promise to do this daily or as often) and expect more...

I'll also going to include or write  my Personal blog, it's about my personal story and adventures. 

Hope you like my blog, Thank you very much for dropping by!

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