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December 10, 2013

December Beauty Haul

Hi readers!

   Everybody's rushing for their Christmas shopping, buying gifts and spending their bunoses or 13th month pay for personal needs to buying new gadgets. We are used to the traffic but during holidays like this, expect the heavy traffic in the streets of Manila. In the mall, expect the long line going to the counter or cashier, same scene in the taxi stand, long queue of people waiting for a cab and worst part, the cab driver asked for additional fee. We experience all this thing but admit it we love December ^_^ ; the excitement of opening gifts, the fun of attending parties, the reunions, attending an early mass (simbang gabi) and if you ask me, what I like most in this holiday season? will off course my answer is, shopping! ^_^   

   Now, let me share with you my December beauty haul:
1.) Touch Me Lip Brush (Cash & Carry Mall) 2.) 4U2 Styx Eyeliner  #06 (Watson-Mall of Asia) 3.) Touch Me Perfect Lash Mascara - black (Cash & Carry Mall) 4.) 4U2 Impress for color eyeshadow art (Watson-Mall of Asia) 5.) OMG-stilletto (Landmark-Makati) 6.) OMG-black out (Cash & Carry Mall) 7.) Jocarste no# 652 (SM Makati) 8.) Sunsilk Co-creations Damage reconstruction nourishing Keratin Mask (Cash & Carry) 9.) Godiva-LicoWhite Whitening Facial Toner (Watson-Mall of Asia) 10.) Godiva-LicoWhite Whitening Soap 11.) Facial Cleansing Sponge (Landmark-Makati) 12.) Kinepin comb (Landmark-Makati) 13.) A Bonne - Milk Power Lightening Lotion (Landmark-Makati) 14.) iWhite Whitening Pack Peel-Off Mask (Watson-Mall of Asia) 15.) EOS Lip Balm in summer fruit flavor (gift) and the lashes in the middle with no number: Hollywood Eyelash 4109 (Landmark-Makati)

   How about you, what are the item on your beauty haul?

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