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February 11, 2013

Lola Andy's 90th Birthday

Hi readers!

   Few people have blessed and given the chance to live longer and one of the lucky person is my non biological grandmother, lola Andy (yes, she's not our biological grandmother but I grew up traditionally knowing her as my lola). Last February 02, she celebrated her 90th birthday, I helped her daughter preparing special presentation and while doing it I discovered how she live a beautiful milestone. Then my imagination starts to play again and asking myself, how about me, what is my journey all about and did I done something that I can store in my special memory bank. I'm also thinking how long I'll be living in this world, when at this age I started to feel some sickness. I'm also thinking to prioritize my health, sabi nga nila "health is wealth". 

Red and White Cake
Food from Home Stew Catering
My brother's in action. My brother Leo is an event photographer.
The color theme of the occasion is red and white.
Video presentation I made for Lola Andy

Smile for Health and Happiness

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