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April 11, 2012

Random New Things: Journal and Flat

Hi Readers!

   How's your long vacation guys? Where have you been last holy week? Our family stay here in the city, we took advantage of long vacation to pack old stuff, threw things that no longer use (to make it short my mom force me to clean the house ha!ha!ha!). Vacation also gave me the free time for t.v. marathon, reading blogs and to over eat (glutton :). But of course I also spent extra time to reflect and took a deep silent and communicate with God.  
   Back to blogging hobby. For blog today, I'll be sharing with you some random things I received from my generous sister (actually this is a backlog, I forgot to post this last March because I'm too busy)
New Journal. I love collecting journal or hardbound book because I love writing :) My sister surprised me when she gave me this book I'm eyeing in a bookstore. I felt a little guilt kasi mahal siya(because it was expensive) anyway thanks to my sweet and generous younger sister. Lav yah :)
My new journal and my fashion journal :)
Grendha Jelly Gladiator Flat Shoes. I want to use this especially this summer :)

More blogs to follow...

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