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October 26, 2011

3rd Week of October

Hi Readers!

   Hows your day? Mine was fine though I'm a little busy but I still try to connect with you guys :) I'll just share some of the activities I did last week (that's where I got the title of this post). 

Venice turns 2

   October 20 my little niece Venice turns 2, our family had a simple celebration at Veron and Mike Unit (somewhere in Makati). Mike's side or families also celebrated it last Sunday October 23. Before her birthday my niece experience mild measles or what we call in the local as "tigdas hangin". Though she's sick she still loves to play and sing along with the DVD fun and play song for kids, she loves to sing "Bahay Kubo".  We also celebrated Venice birthday in advanced in Chef d' Angelo (I already blog about that check it here).

Venice playing Pink Princess twist bike (Mikes gift)
Black forest cake from Red Ribbon, Ambers Pancit Malabon and Pichi-pichi,
grilled Pork and grilled Tilapia. 
Venice loves to watch this video from You Tube. A little american girl who sings bahay kubo. 
She love to watch this over and over again :) 
When Venice sing it some of her words were like slang too

New Lipstick
   I almost forgot the date when the last time I post my make-up review maybe that was a month ago. Glad I have new lipstick and I will share my reviews to you guys. Heres the preview of the lipstick. You want clue what is this lipstick? This is my favorite brand :)
Color: Copa

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