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September 11, 2011

List of Guidelines how to treat a Girlfriend

Hi Readers!

 I'll share to you this list that I found somewhere in the net but I forgot what the site exactly. It is a guideline for Boys for them to know what your partner want you to do. Here's the list:
  • When she acts shy......say I love you
  • When she runs away from her
  • When she puts her face near yours.....kiss her
  • When she kicks and punches......hold her tight
  • When she is silent.....shes thinking of how to say I love you
  • When she ignores you.....she wants all your attention
  • When she says you are crazy or weird.....she is really crazy about you
  • When she pulls away.....grab her by the waist and never let go
  • When you see her at her worst.....Tell her shes beautiful
  • When she screams at you.....tell her you love her but mean it.
  • When you see her walking.....sneak up behind her, grab her by the waist, and give her a kiss
  • When shes scared.....Hold her and tell her everything will be ok cause shes with you
  • when she look like somethings the matter.....kiss her and tell her not to worry.
  • While she hold you with her fingers.
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Hope all the man read this :)

Happy Sunday to everyone!!!!!


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  2. aww. this is sweet! :) btw, thank you for dropping by my site, I appreciate your comment abbout my new layout. :)

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