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August 4, 2011

Meet Kylee and Railee

Hi Readers!

     Happy Thursday afternoon to everyone :) How's your day? Mine was fine, earlier I watched the conference of DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) regarding the issue of Blog giveaway (which cause me headache when the first time I heard the news about the permit rules). I watched it in Live stream of Blogwatch (thats the good thing about the technology I can able to watch updated news even infront of my laptop and thanks to blogwatch). The DTI will release complete policy by 3-6 months. They mention that for company sponsored prizes, All blogs and even commercial blogs exempted from permit if contests value less by 200,000 pesos a year. Will at least there's clarification for the issue (and I felt relief:). I love blogging and I love the blogosphere (this is the only world I run too) If some bad or unwanted issue happen it makes me sad sometimes. (can you feel that too my fellow bloggers?).

     Okey lets move one, to change the story..Guys meet my twin niece from Georgia, U.S.A. Meet Kylee and Railee they are 3 years old. I was also hoping that someday if given a chance to have my own kids I'd like to have a twin too (wala pa ngang asawa nangangarap na ha!ha!ha!). Hoping to have 1 girl and 1 boy or both girl. 

Hi Tita Cena and to O'grady family!! 

Meet my lovely twin niece from Georgia. Thats Kylee and Railee.Love you both :) Take care


  1. Kylee and Railee look so lovely. I would love to have twin kids too, para once lang ang labor. hehehe i'm for two-child policy. :-)

  2. @Angela - Hi! Pareho tayo, if given a chance Isang beses na anakan na lang :) Pero mahirap din maraming factors ang kailangang i-consider financial, time, kapag magkakaroon ka ng anak na twin.