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July 6, 2011

Yes! Magazine July 2011 Issue

Hi Readers!

     I grabbed a copy of Yes! Magazine for this month issue and I was really happy I did. Instead of buying beauty and fashion magazine, Yes! Magazine topic or features caught my attention. They features local comedians houses like Vice Ganda TV Host and Judge of daily program Showtime, Melai grand winner of Big Brother House, John Lapus host and comedian and Eugene Domingo also host and comedian. The comedians also share their stories how they start in showbiz and how they got their dream home, they were really inspiring. 

     Other section were about Cinemalaya 2011, Lani and Bongs Wedding and also one on one interview with Comedy King Dolphy about his present life.

Yes! Magazine July 2011
Preview of Comedians Home
     YES! Magazine was the most trusted local entertainment magazine in the country. Its high standards in celebrity journalism has proven to be the key success factor in attaining its coveted status in the showbiz world today. Yes Magazine is available in all bookstore and magazine stand for only P100.00 pesos

Grab your copy now!


  1. Gosh, I would love to read this. I'm a big fan of Philippine comedians. The are truly one of our country's pride. :-)

  2. What I love about this issue was the comedians life stories and how they got their dream home. They start small but now they have a house the result of their hard work.

  3. the feature on eugene was a little disappointing. she only showed her living room. sweet, melai and vice showed everything that we readers would like to see. are you a regular reader of Yes!? i am. if you have a collection, check out the gerald anderson issue last year. my letter was chosen letter of the month and i won some goodies. have a great sunday...

  4. Hi Leng! I'm also disappointed, only Eugene Living Room was featured. No, I'm not really a regular readers of YES! Magazine I love collecting PREVIEW Magazine more I have 90% collection of Preview while 10% of YES! (less than 20 issue). I don't have Gerald Anderson issue but I'll try to check the back issue on Booksale. Have a great Sunday too:) Thanks for reading my blog:)