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June 4, 2011

Diet Day Diary: The Beginning

Hi Readers!
     Last month I experienced weird things in my body like frequent numbness and tingling both of my hand and feet, bruises, dizziness, back ache, back neck pain, lethargic, muscle pain, insomia, abnormal blood pressure (in short high blood) and more. I felt it might be because I'm getting bigger or in short I'm fat :(. Two years ago I also went to a doctor because I experienced difficulty of breathing and the first thing he suggested me to do was to loss weight ( that time it was really hard for me to do it, I confessed I' am lazy  to do things like exercise and monitoring my food intake).
     Now I finally decided seriously to take control of my weight. I want to shed those extra pound because I know this will lead to many advantages in the future and one of that is for health reason. Since this is my blog allow me my dear readers to share to you my journey to weight loss (anyway isn't it exciting to read someone diet diary :)
     First thing I did was I check on-line and search about Weight Loss ( in my curiosity I did this overnight) I found a website that I can log my food intake which also calculate how much calories I consume everyday. Plus I can also log my activity information (this section calculate how much calories I burn in every activities I did) I like this site it is very user friendly. Check Calorie Count site.

     I also discovered in You tube channel some videos about self hypnosis ( It was a video about helping someone to loss weight using self hypnosis advice, motivating, some relaxing your mind and motivate you to focus to the goal) just check the attach video to learn more or go directly to You Tube and search Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss. (Guys I share this to you because before getting started to any activity one must focus to her/his goal. Those self hypnosis video helping our mind to relax and erase some negative thoughts).

I want to know my dear reader, what are your weight loss activities or diet? Please share it to me I'am interested to know.

Credits to:
Calorie Count -
You Tube

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