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April 27, 2011

La Union Holy Week Part III: Travel Vanity

Hi Readers!

What is in your travel vanity bag? here's mine..I'll share it with you guys, just check the images below... 

1.My Long Champ Bag 2.Bench Make-up Pouch 3.Kleenex travel tissue 4.MP3 player   5.My Katrinas Secrets accessories purse 6.Strepsils cool candy coin purse from Team Manila  8. my medicine and vitamins pill container  9. Bench new moisturizer lotion: So In Love 10.Armada face cover 30 11.VMV Armada sport 70 12. toothbrush 13. Woman by Lactacyd femine wash sachet  14. Eskinol papaya facial scrub sachet 15. Watson hand sanitizer  16. deo  17. Black Beauty protect hair moisturizer with UV protection 18. Bench Spring break cologne 19. my Ray-Ban shade 20. Flywear shade
21. Bench shade 22. standard gel pen 23. my planner  from Landmark
Swim suit or dress..will guess what?
Under the sun essentials: Body and facial sunscreen and Hair UV protection
Add your favorite moisturizer lotion that leaves you a good smell all day and your
attractive nail polish. (Brand: VMV Armada 70 and face cover 30, Bench So In Love lotion,
Black Beauty Protect with UV Protection and Klik Neon Orange color nail polish.


  1. I adore your red bag and dress! They're so lovely. :-)

  2. your bag is filled with summery things :) it's good that you travel with good sun blocks. just wanna ask. how much are the vmv hypoallergenics sunblocks?

  3. @ Mikimoto Angel Thank you the red bag is long champ and the 2nd image is not actually a dress but a swimsuit :) conservative pa ang lola niyo and swimsuit parang dress :) thank you for dropping by :)

    @ Tessa hi! VMV sport 70 and face cover cost P1,000 plus each just check VMV Hypoallergenic boutiques I think they have branch in leading malls like SM, Landmark, Robinson Galleria, mine I bought it in Rockwell

  4. I bring alot of things even just by going to the office! Haha. I should learn how to travel light! :)