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March 28, 2011

Made in Baguio

Hi Readers!

   When you say summer and vacation some think of going to the beach and some of you might also think going to the summer capital of the Philippines the Baguio City. My mom went to Baguio last March 11 to 14, 2011. I wrote this blog for my international readers; for them to know what we have here in the Philippines. If you want to visit the Philippines, one place I recommend to you is Baguio City. From Manila to Baguio travel time about 6 1/2 hour ( depend on the travel time and the traffic). Landmark you can visit in Baguio: 1.) Mines View Park 2. Burnham Park 3. The Mansion 4. BenCab Museum and lot more..(If you want to know more attraction in Baguio click here)

   Some of product's made in Baguio (check pictures below)
1. Fresh Strawberry 2. Good Shepperd Ube Jam 3. Strawberry Jam 4. Mini Plants
 5. Woven coin purse 6. Raisin Bread of Baguio Country Club 7. Woven Fabrics
Strawberry - the heart shape fruit. This fruit can also be use for fruit shake, in cake and other desserts. Strawberries grow in cool temperature like in Baguio. 
Good Shepherd Ube Jam is one of my favorite Baguio product not only it super yummy and milky taste but buyer can also help one student of Cordillera Youth  to sent them to school check the top cap of the bottle labeled as: " You help send us through college, each time you buy our products".
Raisin Bread is best with Milo :)
 oh I am craving now!     

Other products made in Baguio are peanut brittle, some special pastries and goodies, Silver Jewelries, shawls, bonnets and some man made art display like wood statues and figurines.

Readers, What product of Baguio do you like?