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January 16, 2011

FOTD: Cover Girl Classic Color Blush

Hi Readers!

     My features of the day is Cover Girl Color Blush in Rose Silk (540) color. Cover girl make-up was used by so many international artist like Taylor Swift and Ellen de Generes. 

Cover Girl  Classic Color Blush in Rose Silk color

1. Smells good
2. Nice black packaging with Mirror and small brush 
3. Size fit to any make-up purse
4. Blendable cheek color
5. When you applied this, the outcome was just look like a natural shade
6. The shimmer finish look like a glossy cheek


1. The color was not high pigmented or pale (I have morena skin this shade is good for those 
     who have fair skin. The color may stand out to fair skin or whiter skin)
2. It easily fade, you have to re-apply after an hour

Will you purchased this  again? 
Yes, I love Cover Girl make-up next time I will try another shade.
Nice Black Packaging with Mirror and small brush

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