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November 17, 2010

Prince William and Kate engagement, another Royal Family wedding next year!

Hi readers!

     What do you think the headline of news today in London… guest what?! of course the top news was the Engagement of Princess Diana and Prince Charles son Prince William to Kate Middleton. I found this news when I watched it on BBC news early this morning I was mixed happy and sad. Happy because finally the handsome prince have found the lady he will marry but sad because I wanted to be that lady (ha! ha! ha!) when I was in high school I remembered how I admired Prince William not only because he was a member of the royal family but because physically his Tall and handsome. The world followed the stories of their life’s because they belong to the Royal Family in England, then the story of Prince Charles who fall in love to an ordinary woman Dianna and they blessed with two sons the Eldest was Prince William and the youngest was Prince Harry, but after long years of living together they been separated until Princess Diana died in an accident.
     I also read some news in web that the real engagement of the couple was last month during a vacation in Kenya; they discussed the engagement to their family first before they announced it to the media. Both of them is 28 years old, they met at the University of St. Andrew’s Scotland. They shared a student house in the seaside university town. The wedding will be on 2011, the engagement ring is an oval sapphire surrounded by diamonds… (wow I hope ako din mabigyan ng engagement ring..:)

Engagement ring of couple Prince William and Kate Middletown.

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