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November 10, 2010

NOTD: Zebra Print Nail Art

Hi readers!

My nail of the day is Zebra Print inspired nail art. Many bloggers shared this design already but I decided to make my own blog. This nail art is very easy just follow the instruction below.

Step 1:    Prepare all the materials:
   1. Manicure Set : nipper, pusher, emery board, cotton, cuticle remover, cuticle tint  and acetone.

   2. Nail Polish : For white color I use Colortrend Pure White Regular color P24.75 pesos
                         For black color I use Bobbie Premium in Kohl  color cost only P30.75 pesos

  3. Brush: you need brush for the design. I brought Studio 5 it cost only P29.75 and I used   brush number 5
   ( I brought the brush set and Nail Polish in SM Hypermarket )

Step 2: Clean your nail using the manicure set.

Step 3: First layer use Pure White color (use many layers if desired)
Step 3 : Apply white nail polish
Step 4: In putting black color zebra strips - design a curve line like the design in the zebra body (note just draw curvy line but not straight line)

Step 4: Apply black color
Step 5: You can also put clear/natural polish for top coat

Zebra Print Nail Art 
( The first picture is in dim light while the second picture is in bright light)

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