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August 15, 2010

Yummy Blistex Lip Balm

Hi readers!

  What catches my eyes the first time I read the label of Blistex Lip Balm was the flavor of Raspberry Lemonade Blast. I am really looking for a good lip balm for my next review. What are the important factors that I considered when buying a lip balm? First, does the product give you a moisturize lips after applying it especially during hot or cold weather or when our lips experience dryness. Second, does the product have SPF that will help protect your lips against UV rays or sun exposure. Third, does the product has safe ingredients, some people have allergy to certain chemicals. And also when buying a lip balm product, always check the expiration date because some expired lip balm taste like waxy and has sticky feel.

   After buying this product, I tested it right away. One stand out really was the flavor of Raspberry, plus, at first use I noticed that the chops on my lips had lessened. I've been using Blistex for months now until today I'm still using this product. 

Dimethicone - know as skin protectant
Octinoxane and oxybenzone - sunscreen

Blistex is available at THE LANDMARK (Makati) and in Watson's Stores

The Blistex product cost only P64.75 pesos (sixty four and seventy five cents. pesos) or $ 1.44 dollar

For more information about Blistex you can check their Facebook  here or their  website here.

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