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January 2, 2014

Christmas 2013

Hi readers!

   How was your holiday vacation? My family celebrated the Christmas with simple dinner, we moved in our new home only the second week of December. We were still busy unpacking, cleaning and organizing our things. I'm also adjusting again with this new environment, I missed our old house. 

  Back to Christmas, on Christmas eve I wasn't able to attend a mass (usually I go to church before Christmas eve just like last year) I celebrated Christmas eve with my mother and brother only. Mama cooked spaghetti while my brother bought roasted chicken and we also have our desserts. The following day (Christmas day) my sister Veron and my niece visited us for simple family get together. That's how we celebrated our Christmas, simple but what matters most I celebrated it with my family. ^_^

  How about you how do you celebrate the Christmas?

  Now here are photos to share with you guys: 

  December 2013
Mall of Asia
Closer look to MOA Eye
Lights at Mall of Asia
linya ng taong gustong pumunta ng sea side (Long line of people want to go to sea side). Crowded.
Ice skating ring - Mall of Asia
Flaming lights (Red Orange Christmas Lights Theme) at Rockwell Drive
At Rockwell Mall
Cash and Carry Mall giant Christmas Tree
Plus something new or Christmas blessing and gifts 

New Gadget: My new phone and my Kimmidoll bling
Thank you for the gifts:
Thanks Mike and Veron for e.l.f. Little Black Beauty Book, Thanks AMPR for the gift voucher, Thanks Kojie San and Faims Philippines for the Kojie.san beauty gift pack, and Ms. Cath of Viviamo! Inc.  for Belle de Jour  Power Planner 2014 (I already blog about it here.) 
Not in the picture: Also thanks to new Springfield Tops, Hot Pink Cardigan H&M, 2 new shoes and new peach bag from my mother, thanks Mama ^_^

And Thank you Lord for the wonderful holiday!

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