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August 10, 2013

July 2013

Hi readers!

  Sorry for another late blog post. Here are some of my photo collections for the month of July. By the way, today is my birthday, thank you very much for all the people who greeted me ^_^ Every time my birthday come, it just make me smile and remind me I'm getting older, oh well, I'm just counting though but I still feel young inside  ^_^ 

Top (L-R):  1.) That's me, capturing the beautiful view of the city on the rooftop (thanks to my brother for this photo) 2.) Our place, If you read my previous blog, you will notice how I love capturing buildings and places - this pic is one example 3.) Mike's birthday at Rockwell unit 4.) Venice want to blow daddy's cake
Middle (L-R): 1.) My new watch - Casio digital watch 2.) For the whole month July, I couldn't count how many time I ate Quaker Oaties cookies (in different flavors) - new favorite ^_^ 3.) Trying Fishtail braids - most of the time I failed T_T  4.) My new MAC 138 brush
Below (L-R): 1. Going nude, July's favorite nail color - Sunny Tan by OMG nail polish 2. Instant Curls - no need to use hot curling iron 3.) Hunting for that black and gold shoes - I want one pair of this shoes, badly! 4.) Beauty Finds: good moisturizer from iWhite - Aqua Moisturizing Cream.

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