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July 6, 2013

June 2013

Hi readers!

And that was June....

June Photos
Top (L-R) : 1.) Sparkling nails - Disco Ball nail polish by Klick; 2.) And we met again ^_^ - Buscopan Venus, girls partner during menstrual cramps 3.) Sophie's Mom Red Velvet cupcake (post my review soon...) 4.) Man of Steal photo exhibit at SM Mall of Asia.
Middle (L-R) 1.) Man of Steal giant display 2.) Beautiful sunrise in the city - I captured this photo 5:00 a.m. on our roof top, it was awesome moment to witnessed the sky from tangerine to light blue color 3.) new L.A. color eyeshadow and eyeliner ( I'll post my review soon..) 4.) Selfie - doing smokey eyes using my new L.A. color palettes.
Below (L-R) 1.) new flat transparent shoes 2.) My niece in her school (and me the "guardian of the day" ^_^ ) 3.) Love the design of this gold ring 4.) Received first air mail from Google.   

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