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April 20, 2013

Our Self-Perceptions Is Different From The Beauty That Everyone Else Sees

Hi readers!

   Admit it ladies we have some issues about ourselves like I'm too fat, I want a pointed nose, I want skinny body and more... just like everybody, I also have my issue, but after watching this video (which made me  cried) I realize that we sometimes feel that we look ugly and unpleasant, but from other people they see beauty. 
   Sometimes bullying or labeling affects how we see ourselves. During my teen years (pagdadalaga period) I have dark skin (because I love to play under the sun), my childhood friends used to be teased or labeled me as "negra",  I grow up and very insecure with my skin color, I envy girls with fair complexion or with mestiza look. I can't wear trend clothes, it made me felt that some fabric color may not suit me. Then as years go by my skin complexion change, no one tease or label me again as negra. I still have this small issue about me but I keep reminding myself that I'm beautiful, no matter what they say (just like a lyrics in the song Beautiful by Christina Aguilera)

Now Ladies Watch This:

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