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September 3, 2012

J.Co Donuts Review

Hi readers!

   I read a lot of blogs and good reviews about this new donuts and coffee store in town. So, when my family went to SM Mall of Asia, I didn't think twice to drop by the store and try their donuts.
J.Co Donuts & Coffee, at SM Mall of Asia branch. 

See that long queue?!  This is not exaggerated, but you know what?!, I waited more than 45 minutes for my turn. Will, no wonder, some of them maybe just like me, whose so curious what is the taste of the J.Co donuts or some of them really love their donuts.
J.Co doesn't only offer donuts and coffee, but they also serve cold drinks, tea and yogurts. 
J.Co drinks
Yogurt toppings (look delicious (^_^)
Varieties of donuts with unique names.
Their best seller is Alcapone flavor.
(When the crew puts Alcapone donuts on the shelf, after a minute it was empty-check the image)
My takeout
From left to right: Blueberry More, Alcapone, Green Tease, Why Nut, Crunchy Crunchy and Avocado Di Carpio.
And my favorite flavor is.......Blueberry More.  Not too sweet and I love the flavor of the blueberry. It also has white, milky thing inside. 
Overall experienced: 

       The place -  You can easily spot the J.Co Donuts & Coffee store in Mall of Asia because it was located near the entrance of SM Hypermarket and MOA's terminal station. The store has nice interiors, nice store design (the store theme colors are yellow and brown) and has nice lightning (for me it is a cozy place ).

      The taste - J.Co Donuts offers variety of flavors. My first bite goes to Alcapone doughnut, and the verdict is..I was surprised that this doughnut is not too sweet, unlike the other donuts I tasted so far. The nuts on Alcapone doughnut add crunch to my big bites (^_^). Of all the donuts I took home, I like the Blueberry More, not too sweet and with white milky flavor inside (just like the Bavarian donuts from DD (^_^) ).

    I also asked my brother's opinion (he ate Why Nut and Crunchy Crunchy), he said the taste is just like the ordinary or common donuts he knew but the milky flavor stand out. 

    Honestly, while doing my taste test on these donuts, I'm looking for the taste that will amaze me but I end up only liking the "not too sweet" part. Same as my brother's opinion I think it was as an ordinary donut (in short I cannot find any extraordinary). I think it was just overrated.

       The price - a little pricey, P42.00 pesos per piece, P230 for 1/2 dozen, P350 for 1 dozen, P550 for 2 dozen (so I suggest, it's better to buy dozen than per piece

     The service - need some improvement. The most unforgettable moments for me when buying J.Co donuts was when I stood for a long time in a long queue. Time is so important for everybody, hope J. CO Donuts improve their services. I also observed that the problem goes also with some of the customers who decide too long on what donuts they will pick in front of the counter.

To know more about J.Co Donuts and Coffee visit their facebook page here.

J.Co Donuts are available at : SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, Greenbelt and Trinoma.

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  1. We palnned trying out J Co donuts at SM Megamall. But was so dismayed with the long ques. I wouldn't wait for such a long time for that donut! I can wait for the hype to go down. :))

    Thanks for the review! :D


    1. You're right Iya, wait for the hype to go down, baka just like me you will get disappoint lang kapag you drop by their store and wait too long.

  2. wow pricey nga pag per piece. i'm also excited to try this place. just waiting for their eastwood branch to open.

    1. Medyo pricey but I suggest na you get the dozen na lang. Hope they open new branch near you.

  3. i also love donuts ,
    they are so delicious .
    they have pretty names also .

    1. Hi Keyti :) Yes they name it very unique :) Glad you like J.Co Donuts.

  4. Hi Glenn, thanks for visiting my blog. followed you na, I love green tease is actually my favorite and all of their chocolate doughnuts <3 nice blog, keep it up!

    1. Hi Karla, thanks for following :) Keep blogging also.

  5. I like jco donuts, they are soft.