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August 11, 2012

Habagat (West Moonsoon Rain) 2012

Hi readers!

   This post is a little late, I'll be sharing to you guys what was our place looked like during that habagat or west moonsoon rain that hit Luzon,  last August 08, 2012. We're lucky the flood in front of our residential was not that high, only gutter deep but for some other part of our town, they've experienced above-the-knee floods. Some part of Luzon and in the other area of Metro Manila, they had experienced high floods, as high as 2 storey of a building or a house. The following photos were shots of my brother Leo (Thanks bro!). In times like this we feel the spirit of 'bayanihan' or 'cooperative endeavor'. 

Batangas corner Gil Puyat Ave (or Buendia)
Other side of these street is Emilia street (where Cash and Carry Mall is located)

Photo from my brother Leo 
A car tried to cross the street. 
Photo of Leo Encinares

Filipino is really innovative. They know how to find income despite of heavy rain.
In this photo you can see those men created a man-made-boat for people who want to cross the street in exchange of a small amount of peso.

Photo of Leo Encinares
Our street experience gutter deep flood.
On the lighter side: I saw this picture on facebook, truely that Filipino can survive. (^_^)
photo from source
and for funny side......
Activities during floods
photo from source


  1. hahaha seryoso ba yung magkumpuni at magdota??? adik lang =)))) But despite all this, i'm glad that truly the filipino spirit is waterproof :)

  2. ang cool talaga nating mga Pinoy! haha :D