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November 11, 2011

I'm here to INSPIRE!

Hi readers!

   How's your day? Actually I don't know how to start this blog heart still carries a little hardship but I don't want to create a hate blog but instead I'll share with you the lesson I learned from that one "INCIDENT". Almost every day I check my Facebook account (FB)- this is my way to communicate with my friends and for us blogger this is our way to communicate with our followers. Last Tuesday I saw an old friend video post...oh well I don't want to elaborate the story but all things end up with an argument. Tuesday night that little argument bothered me, I keep on thinking why he said something like that? Of course, it's not the issue about my grammar but how he treated me. The next morning Wednesday I was totally burst out why? First I opened my Yahoo Messenger account and I saw someone's  status that pertains to that "INCIDENT" (so everybody knew about it?) then I log-in to my FB defending myself . Hater ang tingin ko sa taong yon that moment (syempre kahit sino naman yon ang feeling mo) I end up saying all my capabilities, all things I achieved and comparing his status to my level and this is the big NO..NO... na gagawin niyo rin sa iba. Until last night I kept remembering that moment then all of a sudden god gave me a sign...paano??? dahil sa isang t-shirt na may tatak ng Baguio. 
   Last Friday Mama and Veron's family went to Baguio. My brother and I were left to man the house. Dahil mag isa ako sa kwarto syempre nag senti ang lola niyo! :) First na pumasok sa isip ko buti pa sila Veron pupuntang Baguio ooohh...but to make the story short I end up comparing myself to others...laging may question na bakit siya ganito? bakit siya may ganoon?...and to add to the story I was always looking for something else that I don't have than to the things I have right now. And dumating din sa point na I was questioning gods plan for me... yes dumating sa point na yon and yes medyo nahihiya ako after all the good things happen in my life I'm still not satisfied...siguro kung si God kakausapin ako ngayon ng one on one, he will tell me "Kulang pa ba Glenn?" ngayon balik tayo sa last night....
   Nang makita ko yong pasalubong ni mama na t-shirt na may tatak na Baguio doon medyo naalala ko ang mga question ko nong last Friday night na nagsesenti ako aaaww!!! at medyo nalilinawagan na baka yong "INCIDENT" na nangyari last tuesday ay instrument lang o way lang ni God para ma-appreciate ko kung anong meron ako. That time na galit na galit ako ng morning ng Wednesday lumabas lahat sa facebook ang capabilities ko (pero dati maniwala kayo sa hindi, iniisip ko wala ako noon). That time din I realized na I done important things na. Ang masasabi ko lang ngayon mas blessed pa pala ako! I learned so many lesson talaga sa isang "INCIDENT" lang.  1. Siguro gusto lang sabihin ni God sa akin na" for you to learned the lesson at para na rin maminimize mo ang paggamit mo ng FB bigyan mo naman ng panahon si Venice (he!he! guilty ako dyan-especially during weekend I used my laptop almost 5-6 hours) 2. Iba't -iba ang uri ng tao so "you can't please everybody" 3. God will use someone to be the instrument, so he can answer your question (just open your heart :).

About Blogging
   Now I call the hater as "God's instrument" -(o ayan ha mas magandang pakinggan yan :). God's instrument opens up an issue regarding with my grammar. First of all I would like to Thank you because you noticed I used wrong grammar it just mean to me that you read my blog...And I really appreciate reader like you....So, so, so THANK YOU VERY MUCH! (dagdag hit ka rin sa webpage ko). Second yes Grammar is my waterloo :) sometimes I forgot to used s, ed, convert the past tense but sinong writer ang hindi nagkaroon ng mali sa mga sinulat niya? Sino sa mga news paper, magazine editor ang hindi nagkakamali sa words na nilalagay nila sa write up nila? I remember even an actor from Hollywood said "Oh sorry wrong grammar" (sa isang late night show :).  I remember also as I read Bianca Gonzales blog (TV personality, writer in the Philippine Star) once write this "I've been told that I express myself well through words, but I know I'm not an excellent writer. My grammar, punctuation and prepositions are sometimes off, I don't know the meaning of a lot of big words, and there is so much about the world that other people know but I don't. I do know that I am passionate about sharing my thoughts with words, and I guess that counts".  And yes all the words that Bianca G. said is also my thoughts...I start blogging not to impress anyone that I'm good in English....I start blogging because I have an Expressive personality (if you took psychology subject you know who have expressive personality). I love sharing my thoughts, ideas and my experienced to every body...I think I am passionate in sharing things....I love it when someone listen to me, I love someone who read my blog with all their heart not just because they are interested about my life but because they learn something from it. If you re-read all my blog specially personal post I hope you feel that I am the one whose telling the stories instead of the feeling na parang binasa niyo lang then wala naman kayong natandaan sa mga sinulat or story ko....I was inspired with Ana Gonzales and Divine Lee's Blog hindi sila super "englishero" but if you read between the lines you can feel na parang sila lang ang nagkukuwento, and most of all maraming followers ang naniniwala sa kanila :) 
   One more thing I am proud to say 6 years na akong blogger :) (here in blogspot mga almost 2 years palang) but for long years of blogging first time ko lang naka encounter ng "God's instrument"... 

I'll end this blog with one message.....Again "I'm here not to Impress  but to.......

-Glenn Encinares

I love you all my dear readers!


  1. Hi Glenn, I'm happy that you chose not to be affected for so long regarding the one who tried to put you down. While it is true that we cannot control how people act towards us, we can always choose how to respond to their demeaning words. I love how you mentioned that you blog not to impress but to INSPIRE. Dami ng nakakalimot nyan ngayon. =)

  2. Hi there Glenn. Amen to this post. Nevermind the haters, you're so blessed kaya ganyan sila. I love Ana and Divine lee too. hehe.

    <3 Maria

  3. Hi Eunice Thank you very much for the message:) The incident was really a big lesson to me. Thank you for liking my quote :)I hope this simple word inspire you :) THANK YOU THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!

  4. Hi Maria Regina P. Thank you very much sa message mo I was over whelmed :)

  5. ang galing! i just realize this Proverbs 26:5 Answer a fool according to his folly, or he will be wise in his own eyes. thanks also for your advice!

  6. wow. haters talaga wala magawa sa buhay kundi mangput down ng tao. good thing di ka maciado nagpa-apekto. you're righ glenn, kahit nga mga writers or pro nagkakamali yon nga lang sila may mga editors but even editors do make mistake too. i agree with the commenter eunice a lot of people forget the purpose of blogging. Just continue to inspire people glenn and put your heads up. Take care!

  7. Hello Ms. Glenn, I'm glad that you don't stoop down to your hater's level. remember that you have a lot of fans, and I'm one of them. I'm also happy that you had a great time with your family. More power to you and to your blog. :-)

  8. Hi Jason thanks for the comment and thanks for dropping by. Your welcome :)

    Hi Jelly Bean - I will :) thanks for the comment..Hope that person mind his own business :) anyway I would rather go on than dealing this kind of person.

    Hi lovely Kat thanks dear sa comment mo I appreciate it :) yah you're right dapat I think of thousands of people who believe in me than sa isang tao lang..thank you very much

    To all who commented in this post THANK YOU THANK YOU VERY MUCH :)

  9. only the famous ones have haters.
    no one hates kuya germs, right? no one just cares.

    so welcome to the club! =)
    nextime aralin mo deadmahin sila. mas malaling sampal yun sa papansin eh, ang hindi sila pansinin. ^_^

  10. O my god Ms. Chyng di ko po ine-expect na mag-cocomment kayo sa blog ko :) Thank you very much din po sa advice :)

    I admire your blog very much :)

  11. very well said Glenn! Don't mind them. keep in mind that somehow you are inspiration to others! go girl! :-)


  12. Hi Glenn, don't mind your haters and just continue doing what you love. If someone's trying to pull you down it only means you are above them. God bless :)

  13. Hi Babi thanks for the comment yah your right its better to go on blogging. Lets do this :)

    Hi Dara - Thanks for the wonderful words Ikaw din keep blogging ha kasi I love reading your blog din :)