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August 21, 2011

New Blogsite Theme

Hi Readers!

    I know you notice my new theme from a plain white (which I found look bored sometimes) to a girly pink theme (one of my favorite color is pink - yah! that is why I love hello kitty and piglet he!he!he! :). First I want it to look more of corporate type by using black, brown, gray color but since majority of my blog was all about make-up, beauty products and for all the girl stuff I end up using baby pink color. Hope you like it too :)

Happy Blogging to us and Good day everyone!!!


  1. I love your new theme. And by the way Ms. Glenn, do you monetize your blog? Is it doing good?

  2. Hi Angel thank you hope you for liking my new theme. Yes I monetize this blog but not that seriously to earn income (the truth, I just add those add to make this blog site more appealing or more likely professional look blog) I join Nuffnang Philippine (you can check that also but before signing in read their policy first) I also add Adsense by Google or you can add this directly here in blogspot. so far I haven't receive any income in this 2 advertisement (I started posting advertisement in this blog since June of this year.